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Links For Higher Education Resources.

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Academe This Week
Academe This Week is primarily a gopher server; the site offers the latest breaking news in higher education, as well as links to many academic resources on the Internet. It also features a job bank for academes.

Alabama Industrial Development Training
An institute of the state's Department of Postsecondary Education, Alabama Industrial Development Training presents this overview of its services. Links to its centers in Huntsville, Mobile and Montgomery, and its annual report and quarterly newsletter also are featured.

Association for Experiential Education
This site's Boulder, Colorado-based creators advise that "experiential education is a process through which a learner constructs knowledge, skill and value from direct experiences." Find out more about the practical applications, links to other groups and browse related publications.

Association of Midwest College Biology Teachers
The Association of Midwest College Biology Teachers site contains a database of biology education resources, as well as details on seminars and conferences. Includes membership information and an online application.

Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon University offers this gopher server, with links to its biology, environmental, queer resources and English servers. Visitors can also access a variety of university-related information, including admissions guidelines, computing services and job listings, or peruse a collection of online magazines.

Carnegie Mellon University Contributed Home Page
Carnegie Mellon University's contributed Web features user-posted and maintained information relating to college life. Topics tackled include Usenet censorship, local bus schedules, library resources and more.

Center for Teaching and Learning at Duke
The Center for Teaching and Learning, which supports faculty teaching at Duke University, provides an index to resources, services, publications, workshops and a staff directory at this site.

CHANCE Database
CHANCE is a quantitative literacy course drawing on statistics reported in daily newspapers and journals to improve the statistics knowledge and critical analysis capabilities of students. The CHANCE database contains course syllabi, reference materials and teaching aids.

Chronicle of Higher Education
The "Chronicle of Higher Education," the Bible of American academics looking for news and work, provides this gopher menu of its weekly features and news from around the nation and from its Washington, D.C., base. Visitors can also browse past issues.

College of Education at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
The College of Education at Virginia Tech and State University features a profile of its programs and faculty on its home page. Check out the undergraduate and graduate degree requirements, visit the facilities and review the other resources available.

Communication and Education Resources
This site explores the areas where education, communication and computer networks overlap. Visitors here can link to various research and educational institutions and find an index of periodicals related to communication studies.

Communications Technology Center
The Communications Technology Center provides information services to Washington state's community and technical colleges. Link to member colleges or access educational technology resources at this site.

The Northeast Parallel Architectures Center at New York's Syracuse University maintains this CourseServer for CPS600. Its purpose is to aid in the development, presentation and analysis of college course materials and student work.

Curry School of Education
The home page for the Curry School of Education provides a wealth of information about the school's departments, academics, administration, technology and organizations. Visitors can also link to the University of Virginia's main home page from here.

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Dewey School of Education
DeweyWeb is the University of Michigan's School of Education home page. Visitors will find articles and research related to the department as well as a chronicle of an on-going electronics communications project.

Educom, an alliance of institutions formed to address critical issues surrounding information technology in higher education, sponsors this comprehensive guide to the organization, its projects and its programs.

Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literatures
The Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literatures site contains essays, syllabi and bibliographies for teaching.

Experimental Study Group Biology Hypertextbook
Learn biology over the Web with this "hypertextbook" developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Find instructional text, practice problems and self-administered quizzes here. Virtual students can contact tutors online from this site.

Global Campus
The Global Campus Web server is an extensive multimedia database offering resources for students and teachers around the globe. Visit this site to check out a wealth of educational materials, including documents, sounds, images and video.

Globewide Network Academy
The Globewide Network Academy is a nonprofit group of educational and research organizations that offer online courses as well as administrative and technical services. Educational institutions are welcome to join the consortium and individuals are asked to submit course applications.

Harvard Graduate School of Education
The home page of the Harvard Grad School of Education is an electronic campus department catalog for potential students. It links browsers to academic and research programs, provides enrollment information and links to library and technical resources. Includes information on upcoming events and online campus publications.

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Indiana University, Honors Division
Indiana University's Honors Division posts an overview of the program and a list of recommended courses on this page. Here, students can also browse through an electronic journal of art, fiction and poetry written by Honors students.

Indiana University, School of Education
Teaching teachers is the mission of the Indiana University School of Education. Brush up on the latest tricks of the trade or look into graduate study opportunities in the field here. Includes course descriptions and faculty listings.

Information Network of the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education
InSITE explores ways in which the Internet can benefit teacher education programs around the world. Read about the society's mission and its research findings here.

Institute for Learning Technologies
Developed by Columbia University as part of its Virtual Information Initiative, this site is the gateway to the Institute for Learning Technologies online offerings. The ILTweb contains academic, Internet and computer resource information.

International University(IU)
IU's online education program offers courses, certificates, Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business Communication. Students can study at home or office via web-based instruction, videos, and email interaction.

Internet Headquarters for Student Governments
The University of Missouri, Rolla, has compiled this catalog of university-level student governments across the globe. Link to over 100 official student government organizations.

Learning Resource Server
This "knowledge space" from the University of Illinois's College of Education offers links to various distributors of electronic learning resources for students and instructors. Visitors will find information on the college, in addition to such items as networking projects and online publications.

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Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction
The Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction, an Arizona-based educational support organization, works to promote innovation and change in the community college environment. Visit here for general information, teaching resources, employment opportunities and more.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Student Information Processing Board
The Student Information Processing Board of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology maintains this informational site. Visit here for Internet resources, campus Web servers, staff and student home pages, and other academic and administrative resources.

Morris Campus Student Association
This student government site contai
ns general information on campus politics, resolutions and links to University of Minnesota, Morris, servers. Includes pointers to state and federal government organizations, related student government information and student services.

Navigating the Internet Class Projects
The Computer Science Department at Florida State University provides this collection of student Web pages, which resulted from the department's "Navigating the Internet" class.

Northwestern University, Institute for the Learning Sciences
The Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University provides information on its graduate programs in learning, computer and cognitive science. The site includes information on its research, staff and students.

Princeton University Press
Visitors can browse academic titles published by Princeton University Press at this site. Ordering information and book catalogs are available here, along with a link to Boston University's Einstein Papers Project and other home pages related to scholarly publishing.

Project Muse
Project Muse digitizes and makes available all journals produced by the Johns Hopkins University Press. This site provides access to these electronic publications and the related database. Includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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Scholarly Communications Project of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Visitors can search academic journals online, courtesy of the Scholarly Communications Project at Virginia Tech and State University. Includes general project info as well as a list of electronically accessible journals, publications and theses and dissertations.

Scholars Press: The Electronically Linked Academy
The Scholars Press brings you the Electronically Linked Academy, which boasts links to scholarly presses, publications and societies. Find virtual exhibits, catalogs and networking opportunities aimed at an academic audience. (Site is in French)

Special Education, University of Kansas
The Department of Special Education at the University of Kansas in Lawrence maintains this overview of its academic programs and research projects. Browsers can also meet the faculty, get an overview of its special technology lab and link to related Internet resources.

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia provides a searchable site with resources for colleges and universities from that state and from around the world. It also links to general Internet sites and weather reports for the local region.

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Teachers College
Columbia University's Teachers College introduces itself, its academic departments and admissions requirements via TCWeb. Find support services and information resources for the education profession at this site.

University and College Education
Students and researchers will find an index to American and international universities on the Web here. The page also contains information on financial aid, libraries and teaching resources.

University of California, Berkeley, California Alumni Association
The California Alumni Association of the University of California at Berkeley supplies updates, membership information, club listings and details on programs. Also featured are articles and an alumni calendar from "California Monthly" magazine.

University of California, Santa Barbara, Instructional Development
The Department of Instructional Development at the University of California, Santa Barbara, maintains this site with information about the university's academic departments, student services, research projects and more.

University of Minnesota, College of Education and Human Development
The University of Minnesota's College of Education and Human Development home page is designed to disseminate information about the school and provide educational resources to teachers. This site also links to Web66, a project to "ease" the Internet into pre-college classrooms.

University of Oregon, International Bulletin Board
The University of Oregon serves up an online bulletin board providing browsers with access to international education info on its own campus and abroad. Check out international events and reference material here, or link to starter pages for exploring the World Wide Web.

University of Pennsylvania, Educational Technology Services
The University of Pennsylvania presents the home page for its Educational Technology Services Department here. Visitors will find information on faculty, research and facilities, as well as links to related sites.

Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute
A directory of alumni from the Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute in Bombay, India, is featured here, along with a job listings page. There are also indexes of VJTI news and links, plus information on the VJTI Alumni Association.

Westbrook University
The Westbrook University offers personalized, independent study and quality education to mature students throughout the world who find it difficult or impossible to attend a traditional, on-site, educational institution.

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Resources from Companies and Organizations

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Addison Wesley Longman
This is the Web server of Addison Wesley Longman, parent corporation of the Addison-Wesley Publishing Group.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences
The American Academy of Arts and Sciences bestows honors on outstanding scholars in a wide array of academic fields. Read about the award program and its other projects aimed at highlighting and solving societal problems.

Apple Education Worldwide
Apple Computer's online educational home invites visitors to tour educational sites on the Web. Browsers can jump to news of Apple products designed for classroom use at all levels, seminars, promotions and more. In English, French and German.

CampusTours.com: Virtual campus tours of U.S. colleges and universities! CampusTours links directly to hundreds of online tours developed by colleges and universities throughout the United States.

JobWeb maintains this site to provide access to the Catapult, its career services guide. Visit here to use the university's employment resources, including job-search tools, career libraries, links to graduate schools and more.

College Prep Page
The College Prep Page contains a wealth of links to resources for students planning for higher education -- from selecting a college to applying for financial aid to career planning.

CollegeNET, an online guide to universities in the United States and Canada, offers links to featured institutions and official home pages. Visitors will also find financial aid and scholarship information and a variety of academic resources.

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Collegiate Choice Walking Tours Videos
Collegiate Choice Walking Tours are non-promotional videos of actual student guided campus tours offered at over 300 colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, and Scotland. This site also offers helpful tips on campus visits.

Commonwealth of Learning
The Commonwealth of Learning, an international organization composed of 53 member countries, works to widen access to education and improve its quality through the use of communication technologies and distance learning. This site provides information about the COL, its publications, archives and education programs.

Digital Campus
Digital Campus is a comprehensive set of links that provides news and information on American colleges and universities. Visitors can link directly to higher educational facility Web servers.

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The Elderhostel home page describes its innovative, varied educational study programs for older adults. Educational institutions around the world offer courses in everything from Cicero to computers.

Federal Information Exchange
The Federal Information Exchange indexes a broad array of employment, equipment exchange and grant opportunities for educators and researchers looking for a piece of the federal pie. Find listings from minority colleges and universities, a used equipment network, and general research and employment initiatives.

Houghton Mifflin Company
Houghton Mifflin, a Boston-based instructional text publisher, maintains this promotional site for company and product information. Visit here to learn about its wide range of educational materials, textbooks, and fiction and nonfiction titles for adults and children.

JANET is the academic and research network of the United Kingdom. Visit JANET's Web home for a complete list of U.K. academic research servers and sites connected the network, as well as links to JANET documents and user groups.

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John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation provides fellowships for advanced professionals in all fields except the performing arts. General information about the foundation and fellowship eligibility, deadlines and application forms can be found here.

Kansas Research and Education Network
The Kansas Research and Education Network home page explains this educational information network. Details on KANREN's history and function are accompanied by instructions on the network's use and an electronic mail directory.

Kaplan Educational Centers
Kaplan claims to be the world's leader in standardized test preparation classes. At this promotional site visitors can learn about the company by downloading free games, visiting an online classroom or checking out the library.

Mensa is an international society whose members score in the top two percent of the population on standardized IQ tests. Visitors can read about the group here, join its special interest groups (SIGs) or scan the Mensa personal ads.

The Missouri Research and Education Network offers networked information resources "in support of education, research, public service and government." Explore the organization's gopher server at this informational site.

Oxford University Press USA
Visitors to this home page can learn about the venerable Oxford University Press USA. Information about the company's history and a catalog of its publications wait here alongside its customer service department and links to the publishing house's international branches.

Peterson's Education Center
Provided by publisher Peterson's Guides, this Education Center is a collection of Web resources for all levels and disciplines. Link areas include K-12, studying abroad, executive education and language study.

SkillsBank Corporation
The SkillsBank Corporation is an educational technology firm located in Baltimore, Md. Visitors will find descriptions of the company's products and services at this promotional site.

Sun Microsystems unveils Sunergy, its interactive technology educational program, through this page. It features schedules of satellite TV broadcasts for its programs along with transcripts and audio clips.

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Teacher Talk
Teachers can share ideas with each other at the Mighty Media Teachers Lounge. Access to the online forum is free, but visitors must register first.

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Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association - College Retirement Equities Fund
The Teachers Insurance and A
nnuity Association - College Retirement Equities Fund -- a retirement system for people employed at universities, schools and other nonprofit educational and research facilities -- maintains this gopher server offering a wealth of organizational, service and insurance information.

Columbia University offers an attractive online magazine, 21stC, at this site. It details for a general audience what Columbia's researchers are doing and why it matters. Topics run the research gamut, from viruses to English literature.

U: The National College Magazine
This page serves as an entryway into the world of the cyber-rag "U. Magazine." Departments include u.news, u.views, u.pix and u.sports.

The International Studynet is part of UNI-net, an international network of European college students. Here the group provides links to student Web pages and to political and social activist sites. In English and Italian.

University of California, Santa Cruz
The banana slug, the unofficial mascot of the University of California, Santa Cruz, lends its name to this student service site. Visitors are apprised of upcoming student activities and hit with a pitch for the school's memorabilia and merchandise.

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U.S. Government Agencies

Division of Educational Programs
The Division of Educational Programs of the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago maintains this site for general information and resource access. Visit here to learn about its higher education programs, technology training, catalog of research projects and more.

Ohio Board of Regents
Ohio's State Board of Regents describes its mission and offers what's new in higher education through its Web site. It includes links to Ohio state government along with profiles of the schools and programs.

Foreign Countries

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Are also indexes of VJTI news and links, plus information on the VJTI Alumni Association.

Brunel University Information Service
Academic, faculty and research services, plus links to other college libraries and a directory of students, can be found at the home page for the UK's Brunel University.

BUBL Information Service Web Server
Although it originated in the UK as a bulletin board for libraries, BUBL has expanded to serve the country's academic and research communities as well. Visitors can search for Internet information and resources by using the the BUBL subject tree, keyword search or other services and tools.

Community Research and Development Information Service
Member states of the European Union share research and technology resources via CORDIS, the Community Research and Development Information Service. Access CORDIS databases, publications and policies here. In English, French and German.

Council for the Renewal of Undergraduate Education
The home page of Sweden's Council for the Renewal of Undergraduate education has information about the council's mission and links to projects and related information. The council promotes efforts to develop the quality and renewal of undergraduate education, awards grants and collects information.

CTI Centre for Economics
The CTI Centre for Economics, based at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, encourages the employment of learning technologies in British higher education. The institution's home page lists its services and related news and provides links to similar resources.

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Graduate Education in Norway
The homepage of Master of Science students, the class of 2000 at the Norwegian School of Management (NSM) in Sandvika, Norway. The school is situated in the heart of Sandvika, which is a small town close to Oslo, the capital of Norway. The Norwegian School of Management offers five different specializations in the Master of Science program. Please take a look around and see what this web site has to offer.

Groupe Ecole Superieure de Commerce Marseille-Provence
Find out more about Le Groupe Ecole Superieure de Commerce Marseille-Provence, which represents 2,500 international exchange students. The Groupe ESCMP home page describes the group's history, departments, and research services. In French.

International Student Organizations
The International Student Organizations provides a long index of student group sites here. It is sorted by discipline and includes human sciences, law and economics and general student groups. The information is provided by the German-based Association des Etats Generaux des Etudiants de l'Europe (AEGEE).

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Knowledge Media Institute
The Open University, an experimental higher educational campus in London, presents the home page for its Knowledge Media Institute. Visitors will find information on the program and related research.

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, affiliated with the University of Toronto, Canada, maintains this site to introduce its people and programs. Visit here for news, publications, staff and student directories, course offerings and other academic resources.

Open Net
Australia's Open Net Educational Internet Services provides educational news, establishes educational partners, and lists courses of study, conferences and exhibitions. Includes employment listings and educational resources for teachers.

Queensland Open Learning Network
The Queensland Open Learning Network operates 40 Open Learning Centers throughout Queensland, Australia. These centers provide resources for continuing and higher education and other training programs. This support site has the center's background and information about its resources and facilities.

STEM~Net provides electronic resources for K-12, rural public colleges and Memorial Universities of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Visitors to its home page can access its numerous information and reference options as well as link to Canada's SchoolNet, SchoolNet Rings, and related Web sites and servers.

STILE Project
The STILE Project (Students and Teachers Integrated Learning Environment) is a resource for students of the World Wide Web. Based at the University of Leicester at Loughborough in the UK, the links include esoteric subjects ranging from Contemporary Crafts to Latin American Politics to images from various Archeological Studies.

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Sveriges Forenade Studentkarer
The Swedish National Union of Students page links to information and background about the Swedish chapter of this international organization that promotes higher education and student welfare. It provides contact between the various unions and covers major issues of concern. Available in Swedish and English.

Swedish National Union of Students
The Swedish National Union of Students page links to information and background about the Swedish chapter of this international organization that promotes higher education and student welfare. It provides contact between the various unions and covers major issues of concern. Available in Swedish and English.

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Teaching and Learning Technology Programme
The UK's Teaching and Learning Technology Programme, whose mission "is to make teaching and learning more productive and efficient by harnessing modern technology," provides this site with lists of projects, Web workshop details and newsletters.

TELL Consortium
The home page of the TELL Consortium -- a project designed to develop computer-based materials for higher education teaching and learning in the UK -- is located here. Browsers can read extensive information about the project's aims and products or link to affiliated home pages.

TERENA Document Store
The Trans-European and Education Networking Association (TERENA) works to encourage the development of a high-quality computer networking infrastructure for the European research community. Visitors here will get an overview of the association and its projects and can download its publications.

The Times Higher Education Supplement Internet Service
The Times Higher Education Supplement Internet Service (THESIS) provides news and employment opportunities from the post-compulsory education system worldwide. Visit here for news summaries, job listings, book reviews and databases.

University of Oulu, Faculty of Education
Finland's University of Oulu outlines what it teaches its future teachers at its Faculty of Education home page. In Finnish and English.

Web Pages and Gophers of Scholarly Societies
The Scholarly Societies Project of Canada's University of Waterloo maintains this site for its index of links to other scholarly societies. Visitors can browse for institutions by name and subject and link directly from this page.

World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Education
The World Wide Web Virtual Library provides this searchable, comprehensive list of links to education resources and sites. Links are categorized alphabetically, by education level, resource provided, site type and country.

World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Educational Technology
The Educational Technology section of the World Wide Web Virtual Library provides a massive list of links to sites relating to educational software and other electronic educational projects. Heavy on software archives, the list includes brief descriptions of the links provided.

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