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Links For Primary Grade Level Resources

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American Home-School Publishing
American Home School Publishing maintains the finest catalog of Home Schooling materials from over 40 publisher. They have reviewed hundreds of products, selected only those believe to be suitable for home-school families.

Appetizers and Lessons for Math and Reason
This online classroom offers appetizers and lessons for math from arithmetic to calculus or why slopes; for deductive reason (logic) and critical thinking; and for learning in general. Included here are opinions on the communication of skills and mathematics instruction. The logic appetizers are math free. Each appetizer is different. If one is not to your liking try another. Most are from three books on understanding and explaining math and reason.

Arrowsmith School Web Page
A private school for learning disabled students, specializing in research towards improving specific brain areas to enable the student to reach her/his full potential

Aunt Annie's Craft Page
Featuring a new craft project every week! The emphasis of this page is on learning, creativity and problem-solving, while having the fun of doing crafts. Each craft project has a variety of designs, patterns to print, and illustrated instructions. There are links to related sites, and suggested books for further reading. Over 60 projects and growing!!!

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Challenger Phonics Fun by The Learning Crewc
The Challenger Phonics Fun video reading program will take your child on fun adventures while teaching critically important phonics concepts. And it's fun, because The Learning Crew teaches with upbeat, original songs not just background rhythm. Whether your child is a beginning reader, or is struggling from lack of a good foundation, the Challenger Phonics Fun videos can make learning to read fun!

Children's Literature Web Guide
The Children's Literature Web Guide is an attempt to gather together and categorize the growing number of Internet resources related to books for Children and Young Adults. Much of the information that you can find through these pages is provided by others: fans, schools, libraries, and commercial enterprises involved in the book world.

Children's Shareware Pages
Children's Shareware for the Mac and PC - read descriptions, download directly from the pages, visit web sites with screen shots and detailed info. Also area for reviews of commercial children's software and demos.

Children's Stress Management tapes
This is a audio program used in schools, hospitals and by therapists which helps children change negative behaviors and offers coping skills. This program helps children develop what is called "emotional intelligence" and has been found to be effective with all children in helping them deal with upsetting situations and ways to gain self control, impulse control, and delay gratification.

Citizens League for Environmental Action & Recovery
CLEAR is a non-profit site where educators and youth groups can get environmental educational videos and software. The videos are geared mostly to the K-12 audience. Most are public domain and are free for the asking. The site also has environmental software geared mostly to community use. These programs are highly interactive and are also free for the asking.

Deafax - Communication and Technology for Deaf People
The aim of Deafax is to improve the communication skills of deaf and hearing people by using technology and other methods. They are a registered charity providing training in schools to enable deaf children to improve their communication and literacy.

Dole 5 A Day Homepage
Dole's 5 A Day Website hosted by 36 fruit and vegetable characters makes eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day a fun experience for everyone. This comprehensive Website has 9 areas: 5 A Day Program, CD-ROM, Nutrition Center, Fan Mail, Fun Stuff, 5 A Day at School, Newsroom, and Dole.

DynoTech Software Home Page
Windows based educational shareware games for children ages 5-12.

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Education Resources on the net
Offers descriptions and links to over 2000 education resources categorized by subject.

Electronic Games for Education in Math and Science
A collaborative effort by scientists, educators, and professional video game and software developers who have come together to do research on and develop teaching materials that integrate video games and computer based explorations with existing classroom practices.

ERIC Clearinghouse
ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication

Evelyn Clarke Mott : Children's Book Author and Illustrator
Children's book author and illustrator, Evelyn Clarke Mott. Fun and educational school visits, books, assembly programs, appearances, lesson plans, and writing workshop. Titles include Hot Dog, Cool Cat, Dancing Rainbows -- A Pueblo Indian Boy's Story, and Steam Train Ride.

Flix Productions Animated Shareware
Find shareware programs from Flix Productions, a company that specializes in animated educational software.

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Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth (IAAY)
Evolving from a pioneering program for students with extraordinary mathematical ability, the Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth (IAAY) of The Johns Hopkins University is a comprehensive, university-based initiative that promotes the academic ability of children and youth throughout the world, and is a leading force in educational reform and improvement in the United States and abroad.

I*EARN (International Education And Resource Network)
I*EARN is a K-12 educational telecommunications network linking students and teachers in over 20 countries to enable them to work on collaborative projects designed to make a difference in the health and welfare of the planet. I*EARN projects are all curriculum-based and seek to apply the learning gained in global, national and local issues.

JazzKids Home Page
JazzKids is a unique approach to music education for children and their parents. This page will be adding a theory section, as well as the online band!

KBears is an animated resource for primary learning in avrious subjects. Registration is not required for access. Included are music, animals, science, farm and geography.

KidsCom - A Communications Playground for Kids
KidsCom, a communication playground for children ages 8-12 is up and running. Kids can find key pals, get help with Internet questions from an Internet guru, talk about what they'd like to be when they grow up, explore links to other children's sites, enter sweepstakes to win prizes, and give feedback on what they'd like to see and do on the Internet. http://www.spectracom.com/kidscom/ For more info, please email kidscom@spectracom.com

KidsViews is a website for student-centered learned and thinking. The content for KidsViews (the pictures and words) is made interactively by children from all over the world. KidsViews editors are students from Monterey School, Victoria, BC, Canada. The design and construction of KidsViews is by a Victoria educator. This website is sponsored by the Extended Media Lab of the Faculty of Fine Arts at U.Vic. Creative submissions are most welcome!

Language Tune-Up Kit At Home
Multimedia phonics reading and spelling software on CD-ROM for Windows! Uses the Orton-Gillingham method for children, adults, teens, dyslexics, and special education, illiterate, and ESL students and those with learning disabilities.

LittleFingers Software Download Corner
LittleFingers Software offers quality educational MacIntosh shareware for children of all ages - download shareware from this site!

Compelling films…effective learning.  Mentura rents thousands of high quality educational DVDs from great studios like National Geographic, PBS, and History…hundreds of titles come with free Learning Guides to extend the learning experience beyond simple viewing.


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ParentsPlace.com, provides an online index of parenting resources on the Internet. Visitors can chat with other parents, read articles and books, or perform a keyword search of its databases.

Questacon, Australia's National Science and Technology Centre. Explore the fascinating world of science and technology. Experience a virtual tour of Questacon's hands-on exhibitions, try some fascinating activities at school or at home, solve challenges and puzzles. Learn about Questacon's programs for people of all ages across Australia and in the Asia-Pacific region to experience the fun and fascination of science the hands-on and minds-on way.

Southeastern Regional Education Service Center (SERESC)
They are a non-profit K-12 education collaborative serving schools, students, educators and families in New Hampshire. Our Web site features information about education issues, our newsletters and current projects plus links to more than 40 *student-safe* sites on the Web. These links are categorized as Education, Government, Grant Information, Museums, Libraries and Miscellaneous.

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The Critical Thinking Community
Critical Thinking Community promotes interdisciplinary educational reform. Central to its books, conferences, assessment systems tools, and workshops is the promotion of quality reasoning, writing, and reading for K-12 and Universities.

The Draw Squad
Teach your students how to draw in 3-D the fun and creative way using 44 video lessons. The lessons are based on the book titled "Mark Kistler's Draw Squad" and on the popular public TV series called "The Secret City Adventures" from the mid 1980's.

The Learning Oasis
The purpose of the Learning Oasis web site is to provide K-12 students and teachers with some of the best educational resources available on the internet. The Learning Oasis also serves the technical and sales needs of Pierian Spring Software customers.

The NoodleHead Network
The NoodleHead Network is an award winning company based in Burlington, Vermont. They produce, market, and distribute children's educational videotapes from a child's perspective. Their goal is to give kids a voice by helping them make videos on issues that are important to them. Kid's play an integral role in the creation of each tape - from script development, to acting, to editing. Then, a group of "ex-kid" writers, producers and educators translate those ideas into unique videos that educate and inspire.

The Oryx Press
The Oryx Press, a Phoenix-based information publisher, in conjunction with the American Council on Education (ACE), offers a wide variety of faculty, administration, and library resources for the higher education market, as well as teacher, media specialist, and school librarian resources for the K-12 curriculum. The ACE/Oryx Series on Higher Education catalog is available on the Web site, supplemented with author biographies and reviews.

The Special Needs Education Network Home Page
The Special Needs Education Network is a School Netservice providing Internet resources to parents, teachers,and organizations involved in special needs education.Available resources include Gopher, Mailing Lists, and a comprehensive World Wide Web Resources directory.

The Virtual English Language Center
The Virtual English Language Center is an online resource for students and teachers of English as a second or foreign language. They offer The Weekly Idiom, Fluency Through Fables, and the E-mail Pen Pal Connection.

The Young Scientist Program
The Young Scientist Program is a program dedicated to increasing the science awareness and literacy of area K12 students. The program is staffed and run by graduate and medical students at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis. Projects include a summer research internship for students, one-on-one tutoring, and 'teaching teams' of students who go to local high schools to give interactive science demonstrations.

Total Reading
Publisher of books and other materials for teaching reading/language arts in the Primary Grades, K-4. Also hold workshops.

U.S. Department of Education
U.S. Department of Education

Strategies for Equitable Science Education
An hands-on science activity resource for teachers of elementary school children. The publication contains a series of activities as well as a section on specific teaching strategies.

Web Sites and Resources for K-6
A collection of sites useful to K-6 teachers and kids with a focus on different curriculum areas.

Youth In Action Network
An environmental and human rights action center for students, teachers and organizations. It offers interactive petitions, surveys, fundraising and lobbying, with links to hundreds of media and government contacts.

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