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Anytime, Anywhere, Everyday Learning!

e-Tutor, Inc.

OnLine Programs

The premier K-12 Internet education program for students, educators and parents, providing empowering tools and quality educational content. The more than 1,300 interactive e-Tutor lessons are created by teachers from across the United States. The lessons are aligned with state and national goals and standards in the four core curriculum areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. The program is fully accessible through the Internet, allowing registered users access from any location. No software, plug-ins or additional components are needed.

Knowledge HQ
Quarterly, Knowledge HQ offers great ideas for learning, parenting and teaching focused on a particular theme.  Fun activities, information news and tips are provided.  The website utilizes the best of the Internet to make education a better experience for everyone.

A free program provided by Strategic Studies that allows teachers to tap into the exciting possibilities of using the Internet in education. LessonPro gives educators a way to create online lessons with a user-friendly, fill-in-the-blank template.

Education On Line
A vast library of Internet resources that can be used by teachers, students and parents. The links are updated frequently. Visitors and colleagues also provide information and links.

Homeschool Corner
Many parents choose homeschooling because it provides an alternative to traditional schooling.  This site provides resources and information to help those new to homeschooling, and to seasoned homeschoolers, in educating their children.  

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