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e-Tutor, Inc.


Strategic Studies Corporation creates exclusive, customized K-12 instructional programs for individuals and organizations.  The customized content includes the major curricular areas, multiple learning levels and additional instructional features generating interest and supporting the audience. Specialized, Internet-based curricular content developed by Strategic Studies has helped thousands of students at all levels achieve academic excellence for life.  

Content Development:
Strategic Studies offers the deepest, broadest and most integrated Internet-based K-12 learning solutions for organizations and companies.  The instructional content makes education vivid, engaging and unforgettably clear. Organizations gain increased exposure, visibility and recognition by offering outstanding instructional content, related to their products and services for K-12 students and their teachers.  Targeted instruction encourages greater and more positive participation with business and facilitates connection and communication.   

Online Learning:
Strategic Studies offers parents and educators the vision, tools and resources for initiating and implementing technology-rich, activity-based learning in the the teaching-learning process.  Specifically, Strategic Studies enables educators to access lessons and activities, measure student progress with various assessment tools, align learning to standards, engage students in their own learning, and collaborate and communicate with their students and others. 

Mentoring Services:
Strategic Studies Corporation knows that many subscribers will appreciate guidance as they begin to create and implement activity-based, technology-rich lessons into the teaching/learning process.  To best support subscribers, Strategic Studies offers immediate assistance through a live help desk staffed by trained staff members who provide guidance with both learning and technical questions.  

Resource Library:
The Resource Library provides students and educators with a large database of resources to make technology integration and activity-based teaching as seamless and effortless as possible.  

Staff Development:
Strategic Studies supports the implementation of new teaching practices with tools that support an interactive process by providing a guided nine-step method for creating Internet-based lessons and activities. 

Project Information

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